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Flat Pack Extensions: the Affordable and Practical Alternative to Moving House - 14 October, 2010

The housing market in the UK has been struggling in recent years and the road to recovery looks to be a long one. Many home owners are choosing to shelve any plans of moving house until the market takes an upward swing and are turning to flat pack technology - structural insulated panels - to build extensions, reports SIPFIT Direct (http://www.structuralinsulatedpanels.co.uk/).

Moving house is an expensive business in a bull market, but in a bear market it is prohibitively expensive for many, especially if the value of their current house has plummeted or they have been pushed into negative equity. Extensions are an ideal way to add some extra space to a house which a family has outgrown and means that the family can remain in that house until the housing market has recovered. Unfortunately, until recently the cost of building an extension was also prohibitively expensive. Not any more, thanks to flat pack technology.

flat pack home is made from insulated building panels which are light and flexible, yet strong, durable and completely air-tight. They are surprisingly cheap to manufacture which makes this energy-efficient style of construction more than affordable. The flexibility of the composite panels means that they are easy and quick to turn into various constructions off-site and then delivered to the site of the build, saving on labour, materials and having to deal with tradesmen! Little wonder that this low-cost and highly practical type of construction has grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more people favouring a flat pack house over other new-builds.
Flat pack technology can be harnessed for small scale constructions as well as large, making it perfect for extension construction. A play room, second lounge, TV room, garden room or office can be swiftly and affordably added to any house by using these
insulated panels or SIPs. SIPs manufacturers which offer a turnkey service, such as SIPFIT Direct, can work with clients to design a bespoke space-saving solution which is right for their home, extending their current house to avoid having to move house. The insulated panels will be built to the desired extension design off-site and delivered ready to finish in place. Once completed on-site, usually in only a few days, the extension is air- and water-tight and, due to the panels’ thermal core, highly energy efficient. This means that not only will the client have saved on moving house or building a traditional extension, but they will also save on future energy bills.

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